Sourcing and Vendor Risk Management

Prince Hotel and Residence, Kuala LumpurOverlooked often times, the purchasing department is the key stronghold of every business. Purchasers are constantly on the line of fire, forced to come up with effective cost cutting strategies while facing the challenge of meeting their KPIs. In the new globalised arena with companies operating worldwide the intrinsic importance of having a functioning operating department is essential. However with business growth, procurement is getting battered on several fronts – none more than the supplier relationship management.

This conference will discuss the ailing of modern day procurement pertaining to the part of the process dependent on an outside force – The Supplier. Supplier continuity, monopolies, price fluctuations, disruptions in the supply chain, weakened supply chain resilience and vendor unreliability are all causing organisations to develop risk management policies in order to limit potential damage to their business.

As deflecting risk management and dealing with various vendors on an international platform have all historically influenced the efficiency of the procurement and supply chain departments; this conference will focus on organisations that would like to re-strategise their purchasing and procurement processes. Case studies will be presented from companies that can report first hand their experiences within the global procurement arena.

This regional event is specifically designed to cover sessions such as strategic supplier risk management, successful vendor development and case studies of how key players in the industry effectively deal with supply chain disruptions and build supply chain resilience.  Do not miss the opportunity to attend this Sourcing and Vendor Risk Management conference and leverage from expert presentations that focus on managing procurement disputes, trends in eProcurement and various other topics linked to your direct dealings with suppliers!

Some key topics will include:

  • Engaging vendors to renegotiate rates by effectively working on supplier contracts
  • Correlating spend management and purchasing intelligence with vendor development: Purchasing initiatives to cut cost and raise profits
  • Capitalising on Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) components for maximum ROI within the supply chain
  • Successfully building supply chain resilience: Dealing with supply chain disruptions and its knock on effects
  • Surviving any disaster or business disruptions with a structured business continuity plan for your procurement function
  • Effectively developing strategic purchasing by pairing it with lean practices – broadening the framework of lean concept deeper into the supply chain

You can register for the Sourcing and Vendor Risk Management conference that will take place July 2nd&3rd, 2012 in the Prince Hotel and Residence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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