NeogridNeoGrid, Source & Procure eSourcing partner, has been at the forefront of supply chain collaboration for more than a decade, helping companies balance inventory, minimize out-of-stocks, increase sales and find the right suppliers with which to partner. With over 600 people working in nine languages across 34 countries spanning five continents, NeoGrid supports some of the largest retailers worldwide. According to Interbrand (2011), NeoGrid supports clients from 23 of the 100 most valuable brands in the world.

Managing sourcing events is easier than ever through NeoGrid ezMarket, a secure cloud-based eSourcing solution which buyers and suppliers can easily adopt. The intuitive interface enables companies to quickly access sophisticated features to accommodate complex bids and follow-up analysis. While other sourcing applications sacrifice usability in favor of complicated technology, Global 1,000 organizations prefer NeoGrid eRFx and eAuction because of its easy event creation and unique real-time communication.

NeoGrid ezMarket features

  • Secure cloud-based online negotiation tool
  • Quick and easy implementation, most companies are fully functional in under a month
  • Easy to adopt interface for teams and individual users
  • Full RFx (RFI, RFP, RFQ) functionality with offline supplier response preparation
  • Intuitive RFx custom weight and score, multi-stakeholder scoring
  • Multiple auction types with transformational bidding: Forward, Reverse, Dutch, Japanese, Parallel Bidding
  • Full decision support, scenario analysis, awarding
  • Pre-formatted supplier proposal and bid reports with custom download options
  • In-event messaging and customizable email templates for alerts and communications
  • Event template library, event cloning
  • Buyer’s suppliers kept private – never shared or copied for other buyers’ events
  • Standardized, repeatable processes
  • Unlimited buyer and supplier users

Our track record of successful software implementations demonstrates our ability to generate user adoption while delivering value quickly. Our implementation methodology is proven to achieve and sustain significant return on investment, with customers achieving full program ROI within the first one to two events.

Typical software implementations take over a year to complete and disrupt a company’s staff and processes. NeoGrid ezMarket eSourcing software solutions are implemented in a fast and low risk methodology, by phasing integration, change management and value creation throughout the life of the deployment. Phased implementations help to reduce the risk associated with new software integration and align a company’s business strategies with their customers.

If you have questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.