Data Analysis and Visualisation

Source & Procure Data Analysis and Visualisation uses the latest technology to empower your end-users to do their own analysis and create their own reports using your company data. No need to wait for the IT department to extract data to MS Excel, again and again, everything can be automated and data sent each period to your end-users.

The data used in your company comes in very different flavours: from your ERP system, MS Access databases, Excel files, external systems like eSourcing, eProcurement, data posted on the web, even data sent from outside your company. Source & Procure Data Analysis and Visualisation allows you to easily grab all those different data sources, apply merges/appends, transformations and filters and provide one data set to your users.

Your end users can then use the easy and powerful visual interface to integrate their own local data and create the reports they need.

Source & Procure Data Analysis and Visualisation installs in seconds with no technical support or server required – works standalone on the desktop as a point-and-click immersive and intuitive interface or as an enterprise solution, delivering data and reports to users by email.

Data Sources

Your current data sources can be used as is, without formatting requirements, making it easy to quickly create meaningful reports. Sources can be local or companywide (from your own servers) or even outside your company (websites, online applications). These sources can be Excel, Access, SQL, RSS, website data.

Mapping Process

Once the data sources are identified, the solution allows you to map how they interact, giving you the full power over the information. Data can then be fed to the reporting tool, or simply extracted as an Excel format.


Powerful reporting / dashboard can be created in seconds and delivered internally and daily by email (Enterprise version).

Data Analysis and Visualisation - Reporting

Editions Available

Professional/Workgroup – connects to most data sources, creates highly-visual, shareable tabbed reports in compact Source & Procure Data Analaysis and Visualisation .IOK file format.

Enterprise Server – always-on server-based automated file refresh and distribution/publishing with advanced file security.

Free Viewer – Opens and navigates IOK files up to the limit of your PC on a read/query-only basis.

Data Security

Domain Locking – Available through our Enterprise Edition, domain locking is a powerful and effective access-restriction and revenue protection feature.

Source & Procure Data Analaysis and Visualisation .IOK files are normally free-standing and easily transferred (by e-mail, posting/downloading from blogs and websites, etc.).

Adding domain-locking to an .IOK file imposes the restriction that the file must be opened directly from the originating (generally password-protected and secure) website. This option enables organisations to restrict access to current employees with valid web credentials, and enables commercial data publishers to ensure that only current subscribers have access to their data, and ensures that potentially stale, unrefreshed copies of files saved locally will not open.

Walled Gardens – Available through our Enterprise Edition, the option to designate a group of specific installations able to create and share files only within the group is referred to as a ‘walled garden’.

Those installations which are members of the group are defined by specifically-created activation keys.

Privileges for each installation can be set individually to Read-only or Read/Write/Create capabilities for ‘walled garden’ and non-‘walled garden’ .IOK files.

Files created by installations within ‘walled gardens’ can be set to open only in other installations activated by keys from the same ‘walled garden’ list.

Installations can belong to more than one ‘walled garden’, with different privilages in each ‘walled garden’.

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