Contract Management

According to Aberdeen, approximately 50% of companies admitted to having poor visibility into supplier contracts, making it difficult to track and monitor them, and an astounding 80% of enterprises are using manual or only partially automated processes to carry out contract management activities.

b-packThe b-pack Contract Management module ensures implementation of and compliance with the contracts by optimising the overview and visibility from initiation to re-negotiation. Users of Contract Management will experience increased control of the contracts, which will lead to enhanced efficiency of the process regarding contract negotiations and maintenance.

Contract Management within b-pack

The contract management within b-pack is fully embedded with all the functions of the purchase-to-pay cycle, including the Sourcing and RFQ to select the right supplier, the supplier management including the supplier score-carding and the procurement operation to ensure the contract compliance. It includes 3 parts:

  • Contract Authoring
  • Contract Repository
  • Contract Compliance


Contract Authoring

Contract Authoring is a customer driven workflow that enables the contract building within a structured process that you define. Following the sourcing and supplier selection, you will be able to engage in the contract creation with the supplier, based of a clause repository and following pre-designed contract templates and processes. The system includes features such as a powerful workflow, risk management, contract version management, contract terms, attributes repository, transition from contract document to contract compliance.

Contract authoring - Clause Management

Contract Repository

The Contract Repository enables to store the documents and to associate those contracts to suppliers and specific contract applications. The evolution on this modules includes a full document search engine in order look for specific terms or clauses within the application.

Contract authoring - Clause Management

Contract Compliance

The Contract Compliance in b-pack is the capability to apply the contract clauses and attributes within the procurement processb-pack will support different types of purchasing contracts such as catalogs agreements, open services (ie: IT work orders on demand), recurring services (ie: utilities, catering, …). As mentioned above, the list of attributes within the contracts is customizable to your requirements. The features associated with the contract compliance include: Umbrella contract management, Users notifications, budget management associated with the contract, service level agreements warning, vendor score carding, …

Contract authoring - Clause Management

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