Toning Up Purchase to Pay to Attain Touchless Processing

Toning Up Purchase to Pay to Attain Touchless ProcessingThe benefits of streamlined, end-to-end P2P processes are crystal clear – not only willl your AP department save money, but also exploit the processes to deliver added value across the business through improved visibility of data and business intelligence.

Are you looking to achieve a greater synergy between procurement and accounts payable departments? That synergy can be a major source of competitive advantage to companies who exploit that partnership successfully and use the improved control as a driver for increased visibility and greater purchasing power.

Attend Toning Up Purchase to Pay to Attain Touchless Processing and discover how finance departments are focussing on end to end processes and streamlining payments processes to significantly increase their profit margins.


Tuesday, June 19th will offer 3 pre-conference learning labs:

  • Morning lab: how to maintain and improve financial control through your finance transformation programs
  • Lunchtime lab: eInvoicing + iInvoicing: myth or reality?
  • Afternoon lab: using eInvoicing to strengthen your working capital


The focus on June 20th will be on the following topics:

  • Four truths revealing what enables touchless purchase-to-pay
  • Does simultaneous outsourcing of all your purchase-to-pay processes and achieving process improvement in just 12 months sound possible to you?
  • How to recruit the perfect purchase-to-pay process leader
  • Five ways to drive real end-to-end process excellence
  • How Fujitsu are coupling purchase-to-pay with strategic procurement for better contract management and supplier relationship management
  • How purchase to pay can support the sourcing department for genuine effective contract compliance and supplier management
  • Aligning processes and systems to honour your contracts
  • Seven secrets to speedy vendor master data consolidation
  • Avoiding maverick spend through e-procurement
  • Why suppliers want to use supplier portals
  • Purchase-to-pay KPIs that truly drive business improvement


Finally, the June 21th agenda will be:

  • The suppliers’ perspective: making communications between suppliers and buyers more effective regarding eInvoicing or other purchase-to-pay projects
  • Gamification in purchase to pay
  • Is there a business case for eInvoicing where you have a relatively low invoice volume (100k per annum)?
  • Receipt of invoices in the non-paper world – P-cards, web EDI, eInvoicing, ERS, OCR
  • Driving efficiency and compliance across the business through OCR reading and automated workflow
  • The secret ingredient for touchless invoicing: how are driving the automation of their purchase-to-pay processes
  • Workflowing invoices intelligently
  • Extending supply chain finance to mitigate payment risks and enable pre-shipment financing
  • True value comes from end to end purchase-to-pay

You can register for Toning Up Purchase to Pay to Attain Touchless Processing that will take place June 19th~21th, 2012 at the Carlton Tower, London, UK.


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