Procure-to-Pay India 2012

Procure-to-Pay India 2012

Procure to Pay (P2P) India 2012 will highlight procurement processes that span sourcing, order placement, payment, settlement, reconciliation, controlling, auditing and reporting. Best in class companies are automating their P2P processes by eliminating paper based processes and labor-intensive tasks. These are becoming an important source of new efficiencies and driving costs down, and this summit aims to provide case studies and examples of how these can be achieved.

The event will feature strategies to provide organizations with control and visibility over the entire life-cycle of the Procure-to-pay process, from the way an item is ordered to the way that the final invoice is processed, providing full insight into cash flow and financial commitments.

The key focus areas of Procure to Pay (P2P) India 2012 include:

  • Gaining complete insight into cash flow and financial commitments
  • Controlling and gaining visibility over the entire life-cycle of a transaction
  • Implementing change management for P2P successful implementation
  • Understanding about the latest trends in P2P processes
  • Minimizing manual processes to improve resource usage and reduce costs

On July 26th, the conference will focus on the following topics:

  • Assessing the benefits of e-procurement
  • Securing the right procurement to payment process
  • Improving organizational productivity by implementing a well designed procurement strategy
  • Improving supply chain operations through e-procurement
  • Receiving support from other departments for achieving higher efficiency in the Procure to Pay process
  • Case studies of the different risks associated with e-procurement and the strategies implemented to overcome them
  • Detailing effective vendor management strategies and techniques
  • Incorporating strategies to improve supplier relationships
  • Achieving process efficiency through efficient vendor and supplier selection
  • Bridging the communication gap between suppliers and buyers

On July 27th, the agenda will be:

  • Highlighting the importance of real time interaction between buyers and sellers
  • Reviewing the efficient utilization of Procure-to-Pay systems to increase ROI
  • Integrating globally diverse offices and manufacturing units
  • Evaluating the importance of an integrated end-to-end e-procurement system
  • Driving the need for e-invoicing automation in the modern P2P process
  • Showcasing the importance of sustainable procurement
  • Outsourcing the procurement to payment process for effective and quick vendor selection
  • Reducing spend on overheads by increasing operational efficiency
  • Analyzing the benefits of advanced Procure to Pay systems
  • Measuring end-to-end P2P process performance management
  • Changing work practices of internal employees to adapt to e-procurement


You can register for Procure-to-Pay India 2012 that will take place July 26th~27th, 2012 at the Hotel JW Mariott, Mumbai, India.


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