NeoGrid Strategic Sourcing Community Group Event

NeoGrid ezMarketSource & Procure will join its eSourcing solution partner NeoGrid, at their European Strategic Sourcing Community Group on November 5th & 6th in London, UK.

NeoGrid Strategic Sourcing Community Group will come together to share best practices, discuss the ezMarket eSourcing solution roadmap strategy, learn about new functionalities, share actionable methods to help buyers reach their profit improvement goals through eSourcing and hear exciting and valuable insights from community speakers and NeoGrid Management.

The interactive morning and afternoon sessions will include content that focuses on the needs of eSourcing and procurement executives and professionals alike, including interactive sessions packed with valuable knowledge and keys to cut costs, improve value, and increase efficiencies.

As usual, there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with attendees, speakers, as well as NeoGrid and Source & Procure Directors.


To register for the Neogrid strategic sourcing community group event, you can click on the banner below:

NeoGrid strategic sourcing community group

NeoGrid Strategic Sourcing Community Group
NeoGrid, 1 Northumberland Avenue, Trafalgar Square,London WC2N 5BW,United Kingdom
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