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NeoGrid ezMarketWith the new 8.1 release of its secure cloud-based software ezMarket™, Source & Procure Ltd’s eSourcing solution partner NeoGrid, introduces new features and enhancements that continue to support their goal of delivering buyer and supplier friendly eSourcing/eTendering software.

Delivering on ideas from clients and partners, market trends and their own innovations, NeoGrid introduces the following updates to their leading edge eSourcing solution:

  • Supplier categorisation provides the ability to associate each supplier with one or several categories as defined by the buyer company, in order to better manage the buyer company supply base and identify synergies across categories to streamline vendors.
    • Categories assignment to participant company profiles
    • Supplier search based on their associated company categories assignment
  • RFx functionality (covering Surveys, RFI’s RFP’s, RFQ’s) has been updated to deliver a clearer representation of what buyers are looking for from suppliers. Our enhanced table formatting gives decision makers better control of how information is being shared and received in order to assure compliance.
    • MS Excel table creation in an online interface
    • If-then statements
    • Column grouping (online and offline), improved clarity with optional cell colours
  • Customisation capabilities have been added to personalise the eSourcing experience and establish identity and recognition between you and your partners.
    • Customer branding of the login page and application interface (which is in addition to the branding available throughout the platform)
    • Business unit specific support email address to better manage bounce-back emails
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eSourcing solution ezMarket 8.1 released - Neogrid
New features and enhancements from ezMarket 8.1 eSourcing solution release.

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