Source & Procure’s Consultants practice globally while applying knowledge locally. We are based in Western and Central Eastern Europe, Canada, North America and Australia and have decades of experience working with major organisations and some of the World’s leading consulting companies.

Source & Procure sell user friendly Internet Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) online tools giving you the power to:

  • Analyse and visualise your spend
  • Recover overpayments for duplicate invoice payments
  • Identify new suppliers
  • Discover more about your suppliers and their links to other companies
  • Control your indirect spend and manage your day-to-day procurement
  • Manage your in-house company expenses
  • Run eTenders and eAuctions
  • Manage your contracts

We can also support you with the expertise you need, when you need it and for as long as you need it, on our daily consulting rate or through a range of dedicated workshops, where you simply pay-as-you-go, project-by-project, according to your requirements.

Spend Analysis Workshop

  • Work with your Sourcing & Procurement, Finance and IT Teams to review your Accounts Payable Invoice Data, Purchase Order Data and Supplier Master Data
  • Understand the power of using “Artificial Intelligence” where appropriate, to cleanse and classify your spend data quickly and accurately
  • Learn how to view spend data using one of the most advanced data visualisation tools available
  • Highlight how you can quickly identify spend areas where savings potential exist and how you can track that through regular low-cost refreshes
  • Assess the benefit of cleansing, classifying and reporting your spend data through our free proof of concept

eSourcing Workshop

  • Perfect for buyers and suppliers who simply need to know more about online tenders and online auctions and the methodologies deployed on both sides to maximise their results
  • Educate buyers on the most appropriate time to use a reverse English Auction, a reverse Dutch Auction or a reverse Japanese Auction plus how to use features such as factoring, proxy bidding, forced reserve prices, forced decrements and much more
  • Learn about the strategies of Buyers and Suppliers in preparing for these events and the tactics deployed to get the best results for their company
  • Give your team practical experience to launch, monitor and bid in online auctions
  • Learn where easy savings are available using eAuctions across your Direct and Indirect Spend and exploit our experience of more than 10-years to identify categories in one-to-one discussions with your category managers

Intelligent Purchasing Workshop

  • Experience techniques by which an effective procurement strategy can be defined
  • See how you can use data and marketing information to gain insight into price movements
  • Understand the price you should pay for a complex material or a finished product and why
  • Learn to use a structural framework to classify all items of expenditure
  • Develop a suite of tools and techniques by which much of this expenditure can be managed more effectively
  • Explore a framework to identify supplier behaviours and the techniques by which value can be obtained from this knowledge