Quick and Easy Access On the Go with b-pack Mobile

b-pack mobileSource & Procure‘s P2P solution partner b-pack, the leader in Purchase-to-Pay technology, today announced the release of b-pack mobile, its mobile application. This app allows customers to stay productive by accessing their solution from anywhere. b-pack mobile provides clients with Approval, Travel and Expenses and Spend Analysis capabilities among others.

b-pack keeps simplifying its clients procurement process with a new mobile app on any smartphone or tablet. This application will be available on the Appstore for iPhone and iPad and also on the Android market for android phones and tablets.

“With b-pack mobile, our customers can access their data and manage their most important tasks in order to stay productive and not to miss anything essential even when they’re away from their office,” said Julien Nadaud, CEO and founder of b-pack. “As the leader in Purchase-to-Pay technology, b-pack stays focus on delivering better performance and accessibility to our clients through innovation.”

Quick access to your data: b-pack mobile allows users to access their application on the go. Using an intuitive user interface specifically designed for touch screen devices, users can easily access their requisitions, purchase orders and invoices to be assigned among other tasks.

Easy Approval Process: With b-pack mobile, approvers can review and accept requisitions by simple confirmation on their smartphones or tablets. By organizing ToDo tasks and In progress tasks in a intuitive dashboard, b-pack mobile makes it easier to manage requisitions and purchase orders waiting for approval.

Manage your Travel and expenses in real-time: With b-pack mobile, users can report their travel and expenses directly on their mobile devices. Users do not need to compile their expenses until they return to the office anymore, which limits the risk of losing papers while ensuring better track of expenses.

Track your budget: Thanks to its spend analysis capability, b-pack mobile enables users to monitor their budgets in real time by creating reports and charts on their smartphone and/or tablet. By providing this feature on the go, companies can drive efficiency and better decision making.

About b-pack
b-pack, the leading Purchase-to-Pay technology in the market, is ranked as a Top 5 eProcurement Vendor by Gartner Research in 3 categories. b-pack enables companies to automate, optimize and save on their purchase-to-pay processes. b-pack’s Saas Cloud solutions are flexible, customizable on demand and easy to integrate with your ERP or any system. With offices in North America and Europe, b-pack has global reach to meet companies management needs.
Learn more at www.b-pack.com

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