B-Pack ranked Top 5 by Gartner Research

B-Pack eProcurementGartner Research has recognized Source & Procure‘s P2P solution partner B-Pack as being one of the most innovative Purchase-to-Pay Solutions.

B-Pack is proud to be ranked Top 5 by Gartner in 4 categories:

  • The technology category which covers items such as platform availability, user screen refresh times, browsers support, platform reliability and robustness, flexible user-maintained workflow support.
  • The e-Requisition category represents the eProcurement platform core capabilitities (close to 80 functionnalities evaluated)  from purchase requisitions to purchase orders, through RFQs capabilities and approval workflows.
  • Scope Breadth measures how much spend is going through the eProcurement platform. As such, it indicates not only the solution capability to handle a  large numbers of different spending categories but also the ability of the software provider to implement them.
  • Finally, Viability shows the confidence that the software provider will still be in business five years down the road and will be supporting the eProcurement platform.

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