The purchasing center of the French Ministry of Defense chooses B-Pack

Economat des arméesThe purchasing center of the French Ministry of Defense, “Economat des Armees”, has chosen Source & Procure‘s Flexible SaaS Cloud solution B-Pack  to implement their new Purchase-to-Pay strategy.

“Economat des Armees” ‘s goal was to find a solution able to optimize their purchasing process and also control their costs more efficiently. After a lengthy selection process, this governmental organization considered B-Pack to be the best Purchase-to-Pay solution to quickly centralize their purchasing across multiple categories, from  groceries  and  hardware supplies to services,  focusing on answering the needs of the army forces based worlwide.

All Purchase-to-Pay processes are targeted including Catalog Management, Requisition, Approval,  Purchase Order Management and the integration of invoices for payment.

Using B-Pack, Economat des Armees will be able to optimize their business thanks to an easy to implement and easy to use solutions. By automating their purchasing process, Economat des Armees will reduce significantly their spend and bring visibility to their budget.

As the purchasing center of the French Ministry of Defense, this organization was born from the desire to establish an autonomous supply structure in conjunction with the armed services procurement.

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